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GTS product catalog for counting machines, banding machines and peripherals
  • GTS product catalog for counting machines, banding machines and peripherals
Count accuracy - Made in Germany

Counting machines GTS COUNTMASTER

Counting devices as table or stand devices for counting sheets or single brands / labels:

  • Single and double head counters
  • Banknotes, tax stamps, stamps, labels
  • High Speed ​​Counting
  • Side edge and corner counting
  • Free selection of both counting positions over the sheet edge length
  • Avoidance of critical zones, such as security threads and foils
  • Product series: CS (Standalone) / CI (Inline) /CD (Desktop)
Productivity - Made in Germany

Counting solutions GTS PROCESSMASTER PM

System solutions to optimize counting process:

  • Production increase
  • Avoiding heavy, physical work
  • Avoiding inaccuracies in the counting process
  • Automatic pre-counting on the side edge
  • Automatic, perfect stacking with separating cardboard
Packing - Made in Germany

Banderolling machines GTS BANDMASTER CB

In banding, printed products of the same type are combined in one unit with a band made of paper or PE plastic film. GTS banderoles and banding machines are often used in security applications such as the packaging of banknotes and customs and tokens.

System technology - Made in Germany

Handling Equipment

Peripheral equipment to optimize work stations for counting and packaging of individual security documents:

  • Visa, ID cards
  • Strapping pattern according to specification
  • Laying of top and bottom cardboard
  • Label application
  • Shrink-wrap packaging
  • Optional camera based control of consecutive serial numbering
Product quality - Made in Germany

Additional: Customized banderoles

GTS supplies custom-made banderols as 1000 sheets of paper, on paper roll and as PE shrink film. GTS banderoles meet the requirements for handling security documents and labels. Detailed technical information can be found in the respective category.

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